On 18th September 2018 I was guest editor on BBC 5 Live’s Afternoon Edition, presented by Nihal Arthanayake. We discussed my decision to live flat and why it should be every woman’s right to choose their treatment options after mastectomy.  I made a follow up appearance on Nihal’s show on  BBC Radio 5 Live on 22nd May 2019 as an update to my interview in September 2018. It coincided with my #ShowUs image being on display in Piccadilly Circus.

My daughter, Laura and I were invited to chat to Jo Good on BBC Radio London. The interview was aired on 5th June 2019. We discussed our Listening Project discussion and the mother daughter role reversal that happened between us as a result of my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.



Helena Traill, a visual storyteller invited me on to her 100+ podcast to talk about my story in April 2020. I am one of the one hundred people who feature in her 100 stories book. All one hundred of us have had or have cancer and it’s a fantastic book, which aims to encourage people to talk more openly about cancer. The podcast is the next step and will feature people who aren’t in the big – moving the communication further forward. Listen to my episode here.

Out of the Bubble is a podcast hosted by model, Rachel Peru. As Rachel says, you’ll get to hear from amazing women who are embracing life and leaving a trail of inspiration along the way. My episode, broadcast in April 2020 is here.

Dr Tasha Ganamihardja is an oncoplastic breast cancer and reconstructive surgeon. She started her My Breast My Health podcast in 2019, and I was delighted when she invited me to record an episode with her. It was released in May 2020 and you can listen here.

I was invited to record a podcast for Breast Cancer Care in March 2019. I talked about how I made my decision to live flat and not to have reconstruction. You can listen here.

In November 2018, I was interviewed for the Very Loose Women podcast which you can listen to here. We talked about my experiences with cancer, living flat after double mastectomy and how gardening has helped with my recovery.