#ShowUs more women who look like me

My reflections on being a topless model in Times Square, following my double mastectomy treatment for breast cancer. Yesterday a photo of me went up on a billboard in Times Square, New York, alongside nine photos of other women. It’s going to stay there for two weeks. I think that’s pretty remarkable. But what is … Continue reading #ShowUs more women who look like me

Horror vs Happiness

Nearly three years ago I had my first mastectomy. My left breast was removed because a seven centimetre tumour had taken up residence in my GG cup. Despite having had a lumpectomy three weeks previously, the tumour was too large and too dispersed and so the whole breast had to go. Being told that I … Continue reading Horror vs Happiness

Inspired by Rachael – telling it how it is

Last week was one of the saddest that I’ve experienced since being diagnosed with breast cancer. On Monday, Rachael Bland tweeted, with her usual humour and candidness, that she had only days left to live. Unfortunately, this wasn’t unexpected as she also recently disclosed that her cancer was untreatable and incurable. Then on Wednesday her … Continue reading Inspired by Rachael – telling it how it is