This breast cancer blog, is about my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment – bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and targeted drug therapy – and how I made the decision to live flat …… as a woman without breasts.

I describe how I regained my positivity for life and began the recovery from this trauma through my love for and the growing of flowers.

I’m Juliet and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2016 when I was 54.  My tumour was Grade 3 and was 70mm and multifocal. It was part invasive ductal carcinoma, and part ductal carcinoma in situ.  It was mildly ER+, PR- and HER2+. I had a lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemotherapy, Herceptin and am taking Tamoxifen for the next four years.  My active treatment finished in April 2017 and I am now cancer free. I had a second mastectomy for symmetry in November 2017 and am living flat.