My year in flowers

I’m aware that most of my posts have about breast cancer – my feelings and recovery, as well as my recent hip replacement surgery.

So I thought that it was about time that I featured my flowers as they were originally going to be an equal part of this blog. This is going to be a mainly pictorial post, showing my seedlings and flowers throughout this year.

Growing flowers has been so important to my recovery. They add so much beauty to my life and I’d like to share them with you.

Winter is dormancy & gathering strength.

Frozen seedlings. They did grow into flowers!!
Wonderful Hellebore. Flowers all winter long


Spring is the season for new beginnings & growth.

Seed sowing
First signs of life under the grow lights
Improvised cold frames!

Summer,when the garden is vibrant with colour

Such colours

Autumn, vibrancy continues before mellowness takes over


And finally, my absolute favourites – Dahlias



3 thoughts on “My year in flowers

  1. Loved your flowers post. I adore flowers, I grow flowers for picking at my allotment including dahlias. After my second BC diagnosis I planted my Spring bulbs, to cheer me in Spring and remind me that life moves on.

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